DSG has 9 business segments including manufacturing. The other 8 are:

 residential fit out
 residential fitouts
residential interior design

Residential Projects

Awakening living spaces through impeccable workmanship and dedicated quality.

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Commercial Projects

Bringing together inimitable concepts and practical functions, producing inspired domains and purposeful work spaces.

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 commercial fit out contractors
hospitality fitout specialist

Hospitality Projects

Rolling out a sense of affluence with a touch of excellence; bringing to life exquisite concepts and unique designs.

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Retail Projects

Optimising the sense of invite to merchandising and marketing spaces; creating an invitation to commerce and crowds.

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F&B fitouts

F&B Projects

Bringing luxurious comfort and aesthetic appeal to the dining experience.

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Themed Works

Celebrating social and communal spaces by bringing to life novel concepts and ideas

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Themed Fitouts
office fit out specialist

Office Projects

Bringing life to functional spaces, proving artistry and functionality can coexist in working spaces.

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Cruise Liner Projects

Excellence that makes waves; building spaces with knowledge, know-how and continued efficiency.

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cruise ship refit